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Our Objectives

The objectives of the Bahamas Insurance Association are as follows:

  • to develop, promote and protect the interests of its members and the Insurance business in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and to increase public awareness and education with respect to the benefits of Insurance;
  • to foster the education of persons working in the Insurance industry The Bahamas;
  • to participate in civic affairs;
  • to consider all matters pertaining to the Insurance industry in particular, and to trade and commerce in general in The Bahamas;
  • to represent the opinion of the Association to responsible persons and bodies;
  • to promote or oppose legislative and other measures affecting the Insurance industry, trade and commerce in The Bahamas;
  • to collect, examine and distribute among its members statistical and other information in relation to the Insurance industry and trade and commerce in The Bahamas;
  • to print and publish newspapers, periodicals and books or leaflets which the Association may think desirable for the promotion of its objects, and from time to time engage in public relations activities in whatsoever form the Association shall deem fit;
  • to become affiliated with any active, commercial, civic, or professional organization or association in any part of the world whose objects, purposes and work shall be similar in part or in whole to those of the Association;
  • to promote and maintain high ethical standards amongst the members of the Association; and
  • to do all other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.